Welcome to The Delight of Photography - 'These books are like a breath of Fresh Air!' - 'Excellent' - For people who don't want to drown in detail - just take good photographs and enjoy themselves.

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#They are an actual, very popular, photographic course in easy reading PDF E book format. To date over 2000 people have enjoyed the live course and their feed-back makes these books particularly easy to follow.

They provide a clear, uncomplicated photographic journey through what to do, how to do it and, most importantly, how to enjoy all of it!
So many people have said to me 'We don't want to drown in detail - we just want to know how to use our camera and enjoy ourselves...'

Extra E Books and mini-workshop videos
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Delight of Photography - Travel Photography - a New Take
An excellent book for travelers looking to build memories - just $5
'Delight of Smartphone Photography'
How to make the most of your Smartphone Camera - just click on 'Smartphone Photography' above for details - just $5
A popular, excellent Video mini-workshop is also available - just click on the 'Smartphone Photography' video link above for details - just $5
'Switching from Auto' shows how easy it is to add your own creativity to your images - just click on 'Switching from Auto' above for details - just $5
'Delight of Low-Light Photography' shows you how to make the most of this fascinating genre - Just $5
A popular Video mini workshop on this popular genre is also available - just $5 to add a whole new view to your photography. Just click on the 'Low Light' Photography video link above for details.