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There are four books in the Delight of Photography series - three covering the photographic course and one covering Travel Photography.
You may order the Delight of Travel Photography as a separate book for $5.
Then we have the other Delight books - the Delight of Smartphone Photography -also $3 and the Delight of Low Light Photography which is $5. As well as the new mini-workshop videos on these two at $5 each.
Switching from 'Auto' is a popular read at $3.
Scroll through the books using the arrows at the top and then just click on any cover image to open up a sample of the pages from the on the first page image and the whole sample opens up for you to click through..
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Here are a few comments from some of the over 1500 people who have done my course...

'A wonderful course - worth every penny'

“The course was really entertaining and enough to set one going on your own trip of discovery.

“The course you presented today was outstanding. You gave us so much valuable information and re-inspired us. Thank you so much for everything. I have done Photography courses in the past, but yours surpassed them all! Thank YOU for an excellent course!!”

...comments from people who have bought the books:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the E-Books & found your use of photo's to illustrate your points makes everything so practical - clear to understand and inspire!”

“Thank you so much for some excellent E-Books … Hugely motivating and inspiring.”

'The E-Books are not fancy but they are just so easy to follow - make it all so straightforward.'